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Cape Town Waterfront Dog running in the snow Succulent desert plant White Lion Cub Shih-Tzu in the snow Coral Tree Sand Dunes Rock Pool Welwitschia Mirabilis Flowers Sunrise in the Kalahari, Botswana Above the clouds Early Morning Rose Wild Garlic Purple Flower (Allium Tulbaghia Violacea) Elephants at the waterhole Lippizaner Stallion Calm before the storm Rock pool & waterfall Locust Sunrise in Africa Namaqualand Daisies African Sunset Protea Black Stallion South Africa, Field of Cosmos Flowers A river runs through it Elephants at the waterhole Flamingo wading in the lagoon Rhino Pair in captivity African Sunrise Purple African Daisies Kameeldoring or Camelthorn Seeds (Acacia Erioloba) Desert Sunset Fish River Canyon, Namibia SWAKOPMUND JETTY (1905) Flamingo wading in the lagoon Lippizaner Stallion Welwitschia Mirabilis Playful Appaloosa Foal Quiver Tree or Kokerboom, Namibia Dill (Anethum graveolens) or Lao coriander Appaloosa Foal Seagulls overlooking Table Bay Harbour. Young horse with flowing mane. Elephant calfs playing at the waterhole Freisian Stallion NAMIB DESERT SAND DUNES White Rhino in captivity Arabian Mare and foal Lion Cub resting on a log Lion Cub resting Rüppels Korhaan Dragon Fly Close-Up of Namaqualand Daisy River landscape African Sunrise African Wild Dog Colourful Lichen growing on rocks Orb Spider Watchful Broodmare Horse Head Baboon Spider Orb Spider Baboon Spider NAMIB DESERT SAND DUNES Locusts climbing Desert Plants Cape Town, Boulders Beach African Sunset over waterhole Sand Dunes textures Freisian Stallion Locust AVOCET wading in a lagoon Desert Sunset, contrasts in the Dunes Desert Gecko Agama Lizard, Namib Desert Zen Balance African Egrit Southern Cape coastline. Fynbos flowers along the Southern Cape coastline. African Sunset Sand Dunes Horse Head NAMIB DESERT SAND DUNES Peaceful Watering Hole Dry clay pan in the Namib Desert Water Birds wading in a lagoon African Weaver Bird Nest African Sunset AVOCET wading in a lagoon Dusty Pink Rose with water droplets African Sunset Young African Nyala NAMIB DESERT SAND DUNES Flamingo wading in the lagoon Desert Valley Basalt ridge in the Namib Desert Lippizaner Stallion Flamingo wading in the lagoon Namib Desert Fish River Canyon, Namibia