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Reflection of the church in the pond. Mechanized snow removal. A truck on the highway. Children's Playground. Buses. Mechanized snow removal. Sea urchin. A truck on the highway. Homestead in the winter. Truck. Haystack. Tanker on the Volga. Cottage. Bales of hay. Cottage in the winter. View of the bridge in Rybinsk. The road in the winter. Railway bridge in the winter. Trash can on the pier. Sand dunes. Railroad bridge. Evening glow . Ate in the winter park. Sand dunes. Flat sea urchin. Ships on the winter Parking lot Icicles on the cottage. Bark of palm trees. Background of quartz sand, the river bank. City Park in winter. Trees with white frost in frosty weather. Winter Background of quartz sand, the river bank. Bales of hay. Unguarded railway crossing. The pomegranate fruit. The fruits of date palms The winter park. Background of quartz sand, the river bank. Crohn's tree in the spring. Two barges. Deserted beach. Egypt. Icicles on the roof of the cottage. Sunflower in front of the villa. Industrial Zone. Russia Cottage in the winter. Gazebo on the beach. Self-propelled artillery unit. After a snowfall. Birdhouse on a tree The old car under snow. Lattice in the frost. Winter fishing. Ruff on the ice. Rural landscape in Central Russia A wall with climbing plants. Footprints in the Sand. Wooden house. Kostroma. Park on the riverbank. Park in the city of Moscow. Russia Spring day in Moscow The car on the embankment. Background of the fallen leaves. Lighthouse on the pier. Coloured umbrellas on the beach. Holiday array of winter. A flower bed in the form of a whale. Stump. A pond in a city park. Colorful birdhouses. A few pieces Trees fallen into the water of the river. The roots of the trees Pond in the monastery.Summer. Muzzle of a horse. Yellow umbrellas on the beach. View on the Volga.Footbridge. Bark of palm trees. Parasols and sun loungers on the beach in Egypt. Unguarded railway crossing. Beach umbrellas and sun loungers Vegetable patch in the garden near the river. Spring Nests dug in the steep banks of the river White umbrellas on the beach. The bird is the pigeon sitting on a decorative lantern. Muzzle of a horse. Ski lift. End of navigation. Railroad bridge. Junction of highway and motorway. Bales of hay. Holiday array of winter.