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Madera Canyon Silhouette Feather laying on a sand beach casting a shadow Sand dunes at sunset casting nice shadows in Muine, Vietnam Fishing on a decline. Fishing at sunset Sun Casting Shadows On Snow Covered Trees Misty forest in backlight Fishing at sunset Sorceress Native molding art on wall in temple. People fishing at the end of a dock in Springtime. Nova Scotia coastline in June. North Cascades Mt. Baker Heliotrope Ridge Glacier Peaks Low early spring setting sun in a forest casting long shadows lonely beach umbrella casts a shadow Sunset under storm clouds on the Dorset Coast Siberian trout Irish soft coated wheaten terrier Lonely bench in the park beach chair Beautiful sunset, casts a shadow of the majestic mountain ranges Lighthouse entrance against blue sky Seagull and fisherman Halloween night red Autumn trees at Talkin Tarn Country Park South Haven Lighthouse at Sunrise Portrait of red-haired girls outdoors. Casting in his hand. The Bow bridge Fisherman Casting on Calm River Sunset casting shadows on beach` Shadow on the sand Silhouettes fisherman casting at the sea. Silhouettes fisherman casting on a crab boat. Father with daughter going fishing Adriatic coast vacations Victoria Nile Montmorency Falls fishing Bufflehead reflections from lake. Flying just above the water. Little Egret - Egretta garzetta Three bufflehead waterfowl. Reflections of waterfowl. Reflections on the Kootenai River. Sunset Marina Moon Thrrough Oak Tree Sunrise over a field of ripening ears of wheat Monolithos caste, Rhodes island, Greece - sea view landscape Bled Lake in Julian Alps, Slovenia Mountain silhouettes Calm river and mountain scenic. Lanzarote at dusk or dawn Casting fishermen in the Black Sea wastewater. Casting fishermen in the Black Sea wastewater. Afternoon Country Road Casting fishermen in the Black Sea wastewater. Sunset over the ocean from the deck of a yacht Amelia Island, Florida Casting fishermen in the Black Sea wastewater. Shahdad desert Sunset amongst ruins Shahdad desert Casting a silhouette at sunset Afternoon Country Road Sunset over river with forest Fly on the leaf Mallard in calm water. Gravel road Panorama of Hanalei on island of Kauai Gran Canaria, Caldera de Tejeda, sunrise over Roque Nublo  mount Dry lampion skeleton (alkekengi physalis) casts shadow Heron by the water. Sheba Seascape Cordillera Negra in Peru Front drag runner reel on the rod rest outside Windmill Silhouette Mono Lake Sunrise Sunset Sunset casting beams of light into the air Fisherman and sunset Ocean Fishing Reel Sliced Onion Tops Barn In The Morning Sun Sunset casting beams of light into the air Pelican Casting Its Feathers World in hand Sliced Onion Tops Fishing rod in white sand on tropical beach Vast dunes of Sossusvlei Senior man fishing Trees at Talkin Tarn on an Autumn day. Sliced Onion Tops Steam from jet engine Orange Tree in Orange County, California Sunset casts red light into the clouds stretching into the dista Shadows on sand the beach under palm trees Airplane flying over tropical palm trees Cameleon Two stones lying on the sand Dead Horse Point Illuminated Sunset under storm clouds on the Dorset Coast