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chocolate fresh and dried fruits with spices cutting board, pizza and ingredients Food and Drink. A closeup image of spicy nachos with a cold, frosty mug of beer. top view of arranged kitchenware and ingredients for bread baking on dark marble surface vegetables on table pizza slices on wooden board menu and dessert with coffee cutting board with knife and cut mushrooms hands slicing tomatoes by knife Person using smartphone while cooking Top view of cooked white rice on rustic metal tray on dark table ingredients woman cooking breakfast digital tablet and fresh ingredients overhead view of cut cucumbers on wooden board and glasses with detox water on wooden surface green grapes and glasses of wine pizza slice on wooden board aromatic cinnamon sticks in bottle top view of gourmet fish with lemon slices on baking paper and spices on black hands holding bowl with vegetables tasty waffles with blueberries Banana and digital tablet Fresh citrus fruits Tomatoes and raw pasta close-up shot of table setting with beautiful christmas decor glass of red wine and cheese cropped view of girl in apron holding wooden board with big homemade cheeseburger delicious cupcakes with blueberries grilled corn on wooden table breakfast top view of panini on yellow plate with fork and knife detox drink and organic food wine, bread, olives and cheese top view of rice with cup of tea and chopsticks on black table top view of two delicious panini on cutting board friends clinking glasses of beer woman writing down recipe Vegetables ingredients for cooking breakfast cropped image of woman cutting red bell pepper on wooden board in kitchen olive oil  italian pizza and fresh vegetables chalkboard with group of fresh vegetables Notepad with raw vegetables on table different fresh vegetables Food icons wineglasses with red and white wine cropped image of chef rolling dough with rolling pin Raw italian macaroni in plates fresh toast for breakfast various presented snacks vegetables on table assorted types of cheese on cutting board cutlery and ripe fruits close-up shot of table setting with beautiful fruits and vegetables christmas decor vegetables on table Fresh vegetables and bottle of wine Health-care woman cutting cherry tomatoes cups with coffee and vegetables with fruits on wooden table pomegranates, apples and walnuts grapes, wine and various types of cheese wooden cutlery items and plate on grass grilled corn on wooden cutting board sliced baguette cheese and grapes chalkboard with group of fresh vegetables Popcorn with iced tea and film reels top view of fresh raw sea fish on ice cubes with lime, lemon, spices and cherry tomatoes on grey homemade olive bottles on table Delicious macarons and flowers top view of crunchy granola ingredients on baking parchment pieces cropped shot of woman kneading dough for homemade bread healthy split pea pod Fresh vegetables and hand with pepper wicker plate with different mushrooms Person using smartphone while cooking woman cutting cherry tomatoes digital tablet and fresh ingredients top view of granola ingredients with label on baking parchment pieces cropped shot of person with fork and knife eating salmon steaks raw dough and cookie cutters high angle view of young woman holding blank notebook and shopping trolley with grocery bags isolated on white Man cutting onion hands slicing salad woman cooking breakfast red wine with various snacks classical dry italian pasta waffle cones and candies tea card and delicious cookies chopping board with vegetables italian pizza and fresh vegetables vegetables on kitchen with man cooking walnuts on wooden table hands with knife and vegetables vegetables healthy breakfast ingredients shop assistants in supermarket raw fish, chili peppers, shrimp, herbs with lemons and tablecloth on dark table top